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Unique Daily Affirmations is an affirmation app that is available for free on the iPhone and Android devices. This uplifting tool can make positive changes to your daily thoughts. Say the affirmation out loud and believe in yourself. Focus on one affirmation and let your mind think about it throughout the day.

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What People Are Saying

Excellent affirmations

This app provides excellent affirmations to start your day. Every day a new affirmation is generated in which you can use and apply it to your life. I have been using it for a couple of months and it definitely helps start my day to a positive start. I highly recommend it!!

- Oceanblue27,
App Store user

Good Morning

I have a hard time Not picking up my phone first thing in the morning - this is a happy compromise by opening this app first. It doesn’t take more than 10 seconds but the affirmations are always nice and positive reminders to myself for the day. I love how it buzzes when I hold down the button in the app long enough. Thanks.

- Jabangers,
App Store user

Unique app

Unique in that you have to hold the button to see the affirmation. It's like you're actively participating in affirming yourself beyond just reading the affirmation and it feels extra affirming. :).

- Olivia R.,
Google Play user

Start your day right

This app is truly motivational and helps you start your day right. I look forward to my affirmation everyday. They aren't cheesy of predictable. They are genuine and surprisingly appropriate and timely. One of the best apps I have downloaded.

- Erikaland,
App Store user

I love getting daily affirmations... Helps me get thru my day & I have recommended it to several people.

- Nicole B.,
Direct Feedback

I love this app -so positive and uplifting for me! Thank you!

- Lisa M.,
Direct Feedback

Thank you for providing this wonderful app! I was looking for an affirmation app to be part of my therapy due to childhood trauma. I love the affirmations you provide as well as the ability to add more personal affirmations that I need as well. Good job!

- Catherine A.,
Direct Feedback

Love it! Love being able to read a positive affirmation and also record it! Awesome to be able to share and post!

- Katie C.,
Direct Feedback